Pinhole Printed Cameras

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day!

Sunrise at Cape Coral Bridge (Clipper 6×18)

Modular Shutter

NEW! The modular shutter incorporates the Flyer and Clipper flip shutter and pinhole mount into an easily mountable shutter module.  Add a box, container, or camera back of your own design to create a pinhole camera!

35mm Film in 120 Adapter

Stereo Flyer 6×6

Cousin to Flyer, the limited edition Stereo Flyer 6×6 takes stereoscopic pairs of photographs. As well as being 3D printed, the Stereo Flyer sees in 3D!

35mm Film in 120 Adapter

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35mm Film in 120 Cameras

These open source adapters have been very popular! Whether it’s film you can’t get in 120 format, or you just like the cool sprocket holes in your images, you’ve got a reason and you can get them here in plastic or metal. If you have a 3D printer, you can make your own.

35mm Film in 120 Adapter

Get into Pinhole Photography Today!

Have you ever been interested in pinhole photography? Why not give it a try today? All you need is a box, film, tape, foil, and a needle – or order a pinhole camera like the Flyer. Got a 3D printer? Print the open source Easy 35. The results can be magic!

  1. Insert film
  2. Expose
  3. Mail for Processing

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