Pinhole cameras have been described as the simplest and most addictive form of photography; they’re great fun to use.
About Pinhole Photography

CAD Design

Only available through Kickstarter; STL files are available to download for 3D printing of the Flyer Pinhole Camera.
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3D Printed

Where old meets new: Using the latest 3D printing technology we are able to deliver a lightweight, robust, and affordable pinhole camera design.
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Pinhole World

Pinhole cameras have the ability to capture a unique image that can reward both the complete novice and highly experienced photographer alike.
Latest News
Thank you to everyone who pledged their support for the Pinhole Printed Kickstarter campaign. We reached 100% funding in just over 13 hours! While the campaign is now closed, you can pre-order cameras to be delivered after the Kickstarter cameras are delivered - it's not too late to get one!


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