New Production

I’m happy to announce new Flyer 6×6 cameras made by Tim Page in Massachusetts. I have been working with Tim to get new production online with the same or better quality as the existing Flyers. They are also available at a lower price without the starter roll of film for users buying extra Flyers for carrying different film or customized for multi-day exposures or other pinholes (zone plates and mega pinholes).

My seasonal absences meant that I kept running out of cameras and disappointing new purchasers.

I will be working with Tim to make Clippers as well, as those run out even faster. Photographers who have Clippers rave over the extreme wide angles with no distortion and nearly zero light falloff at the edges. The 6×18 images are enormous negatives – the equivalent of 80 megapixel and larger sensors in medium format digital cameras.

I’d like to showcase two beautiful pinhole photos here, one of the 2017 total eclipse by Becky Ramotowski of New Mexico using a Flyer, and one of two horsemen by Zbyszek Ładygin of Poland using a Clipper.

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse and Jet Contrail, Flyer 6×6, (c) 2017, Becky Ramotowski

Two Horsemen, Lake Como, near Colico in northern Italy, Autumn 2016 (c) 2016, Zbyszek Ładygin