Easy 35

New design coming!  I’ve done a super simple 35mm film camera for those who want to use that format as well (Flyer can use 35mm film with an adapter also) or who need a more compact camera.

By super simple, I mean there are six printed parts which can be printed in about 3 hours, either individually or all at once, depending on your printer and slicer.  Perfect for children and educational use, or for long exposures in locations where you might lose a camera.

The camera was designed for minimal parts, and needs only a pinhole at the absolute minimum.  It is fully complete with two screws, an o-ring, rubber band, 1/4″ nut, and a pinhole.  A piece of black gaffer’s tape serves as a shutter.

Best of all, the camera will be released as open source, specifically CC by NC-SA.  More details coming soon after I prepare the files for release on several 3D printing sites.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

What about reselling at a higher price?Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 8.37.34 PM

I’m astonished to find my cameras on eBay and even Sears’s online catalog!  Even more astonished to find them selling for a considerable premium over my price.  At first I thought they might be printing their own (and that might yet be the case), but I think they are probably my cameras.  They’re using my pictures and my wording – which is ok as long as I made them.

Obviously, I have no objection to people printing their own, but I don’t want people printing copies of my cameras and passing them off as made by me.  I’ve had nothing but good comments from everyone who’s gotten one of my cameras, either on Kickstarter or after.  I’d hate to see that good impression ruined by poor experiences resulting from bad copies.

I’ll be making an announcement soon – stay tuned.  In the meantime, if you want a genuine Flyer or Clipper 3D printed camera, order it from pinholeprinted.com and you’re sure to get the real thing (and support the artist too).

Worldwide Pinhole Day 2015

wwpd Jessica-Dittmer


It’s not too late!  Get your cameras ready and film loaded for Worldwide Pinhole Day in 2015, coming up on Sunday April 26.

The participation rules are on the site, but the key points are: anyone can submit one photo that they took on the day, using any photographic material and a lensless camera.  If you don’t have a pinhole camera, you can get one from me!