[dropcap]F[/dropcap]lyer 6×6 Stereo is a stereoscopic version of the tried and true Flyer 6x6. Printed in black plastic, like Flyer, the stereo version also is strong, robust, and light – perfect for professional, amateur, or educational use. This complete camera comes with a starter roll of film to get you going.

Limited Edition of 100

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Flyer 6x6 Pinhole Camera

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Flyer Stereo

The following images are used by permission:
(c) 2017, Becky Ramotowski


6x6 Stereo

  • 3D printed – body, top, knob, winder, shutter
  • 120 format film, 6 paired exposures/roll
  • Image size – double 6×6 square format (56mm x 56mm)
  • Field of view – 70 degrees
  • Focal length – 40mm
  • Pinhole diameter – 0.25mm (two)
  • f/Stop – 160
  • Tripod nut on bottom (1/4-20)
  • Size – 185mm x 54mm x 82mm (WxDxH)

  • $89.00
    Package includes

  • Camera, numbered & signed
  • Limited Edition certificate
  • Instruction Card
  • Exposure Table
  • Starter roll of 120 color film
  • Takeup Spool

Limited Production

While these are not yet sold out, production is extremely limited and on request.


Loreo Lite

Loreo Lite glasses help see your film or prints in 3D.
[Clint - These work quite well for checking film negatives, contact prints, or scanned film on screen.]

Google Cardboard

See your scanned images on your phone in 3D.



The Flyer 6x6 Stereo camera is not currently available to make.






Model A1 - Limited Edition of 100, numbered and signed by the designer.


The minimalist guide to operation

The minimalist guide to operation - don't forget the rubber band after Step 3! This guide is for Flyer, the Flyer Stereo is the same but longer.

Wind to 1-3-5-7-9-11


Exposure Table

Flyer 6x6 Exposure Table

The Flyer Stereo uses the same table as Flyer.

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