Easy 35 is the new 3D printed camera from Clint O’Connor that uses 35mm film and is smaller, faster to print, and simpler to make.  Best of all, it is free to download and make!

The Easy 35 camera is open source and appeals both to photographers and to educators wanting to teach principles of photography to youths. Based on 35mm film, the Easy 35 can be printed in half the time of a Flyer 6×6 and needs just a pinhole to assemble (at a bare minimum). A rubber band secures the top and black tape is used as the shutter.

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Recent Community Photos

Flyer – square 1:1
Clipper – extra-wide 3:1
Easy 35 – wide 2:1

(Flickr group PinholePrinted)

Easy 35

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can make your own cameras!

Step 1: download the files
Step 2: print yourself or use 3D Hubs

  • 3D printed – body, top, winder knob, rewind knob, 2 winder shafts

  • 35mm format film, 24 or 36 exp
  • Image size – 24 x 48mm (wide)
  • Field of view – 88 degrees
  • Focal length – 25mm
  • Pinhole diameter – 0.20mm
  • f/Stop – 125
  • Size – 115mm x 35mm x 55mm (WxDxH)
  • Easily printable even on smaller 150×150 mm bed 3D Printers
  • Print in ABS or PETG (recommended) or PLA
  • Requires only a 0.20mm pinhole, rubber band, and black tape to complete
  • Optional – 2 screws, 018 o-ring, and tripod nut

  • FREE








How To

3D Hubs

Have someone print a camera for you


The Easy 35 camera is free to all! If you like my cameras and enjoy printing and using them (or selling them), please consider donating $1 so I can continue to design and print new cameras.





  • B2 – Current release 3 Aug 2015

Exposure Table

Recommended Apps

  • Android
  • Please suggest what works best for Android (email at bottom of page)
  • IOS (I use both of these when I don’t have my tables with me)
  • Make