Clipper 6×18, a Kickstarter stretch goal design, is the first ever 3D printed panoramic pinhole camera, and one of the very few 6×18 production cameras ever made with a curved backplane. Printed in black ABS plastic, it is strong, robust, and light – perfect for professional or educational use. The complete camera comes with a starter roll of film, nicely wrapped in brown paper and green twine as a gift to yourself or someone else. If you have a 3D printer, you can print and make your own camera.

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Recent Community Photos

Flyer – square
Clipper – long

(Flickr group PinholePrinted)

Camera Specifications

  • Film – 120 format, 4 exposures/roll, 8 exposures/roll with optional 6×9 mask inserted
  • Curved back with full imaging
  • Image size – Panoramic 6×18 format (56mm x 176mm) or 6×9 with optional mask
  • Field of view – 134.6 degrees (widest dimension)
  • Focal length 75mm
  • Pinhole diameter – 0.35mm
  • f/Stop – 214
  • Tripod nut on bottom (1/4-20)
  • 202mm x 90mm x 81mm (WxDxH)
  • Clipper I

  • 3D printed – body, top, knob, winder, shutter lever, and cable release mount
  • Internal spring loaded brass shutter with cable release mount (cable release not included)
  • Clipper II

  • 3D printed – body, top, knob, winder, shutter
  • Flyer-style flip shutter


Ready to use camera with starter roll of film

Also available is a 6×9 mask that fits inside a Clipper. Take eight 6×9 shots or four 6×18 shots.

Clipper Model II

Clipper I

(only on request)

Clipper 6x9 Mask

Pinhole Resource



If you have access to a 3D printer, you can make your own cameras!

You can find or make your own parts (see Clipper Support section below).


Get the files to print your own camera

3D Hubs

Have someone print a camera for you



  • Current “A” model (“C” for Clipper on top and bottom) – past Flyer experience and user suggestions were applied during Clipper design, so the first production model has not changed.


The minimalist guide to operation

The minimalist guide to operation – don’t forget the rubber band after Step 3!

Exposure Table

Clipper 6x18 Exposure Table

Recommended Apps

  • Android
  • Please suggest what works best for Android (email at bottom of page)
  • IOS (I use both of these when I don’t have my tables with me)