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Stereo Flyer 6x6
Stereo Flyer 6×6 – Limited Edition

A cousin to Flyer, the Stereo Flyer takes TWO images at once, resulting in a stereoscopic pair of photos. Viewed correctly, the images will be seen in 3D! This is a limited edition run – only 100 will be made.

Flyer 6x6
Flyer 6×6

A great all-around pinhole camera which takes square 6×6 images on 120 film, and should be at hand in every camera bag. If you are starting out in pinhole photography, this is the one to get.

Clipper 6x18
Clipper 6×18

A panoramic pinhole camera which takes extreme wide images on 120 film with stunning impact. Particularly appropriate for landscape and street scenes.

Easy 35
Easy 35

A simple wide angle pinhole camera which takes 35x24mm images on 35mm film. Open source and easy to make if you have a 3D printer, this is perfect for educational use.

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35mm Film to 120 Adapter
35 to 120

35mm to 120 film adapters let you use 35mm film in most flat film plane 120 cameras.
(including Flyer 6×6)

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