Worldwide Pinhole Day 2015

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It’s not too late!  Get your cameras ready and film loaded for Worldwide Pinhole Day in 2015, coming up on Sunday April 26.

The participation rules are on the site, but the key points are: anyone can submit one photo that they took on the day, using any photographic material and a lensless camera.  If you don’t have a pinhole camera, you can get one from me!




Valentine’s Day, Henry Ford, and 3D Printed Pinhole Cameras

Valentine’s Day is coming!  I’d just *love* to offer a bright RED Flyer or Clipper for your photographer love. I had a similar question during my Kickstarter – was I going to offer other colors? Black is so boring.  What do you see through my black cameras?  Black.

Perfect, I say.  There’s no such color as black.  Black is the absence of light.  That means the only light falling on the film is coming through the pinhole.  Black is beautiful.

Henry Ford was amazingly prescient – he said “Any customer can have a 3D printed pinhole camera painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”.  Who would have thought Henry Ford knew 3D printers were coming?  He probably would have been the first to print a car.

Purple camera = purple blanks

Purple camera = purple blanks

See the purple camera in the back of the basket?

That was my first and only experiment, and I pretty much anticipated the result. When I held it up to a bright light, what did I see through the body? Purple.  What’s a RED camera going to take?  Red blanks. Who wants red blanks?

I went so far as to order a Flyer in black strong and light plastic from Shapeways.  Once I got past the sticker shock (over $150), I found that Shapeways black is not really black.  It’s white plastic dyed black.  You can see light through it, making it useless as a camera.

So, order a black camera for your photographer love.  Amazon can get it to you in time.  You can put a red ribbon on the box that arrives.  If you do really want color, there’s always masking tape and spray paint (use a paint formulated for plastics).  Send me a photo of your pimped out camera!

Flyer 6×6 on Amazon Global Export

Flyer has been added to Amazon’s Global Export list!Amazon Global Export logo

What does this mean? It means you can order from (either by searching for it or more easily, clicking on the Buy @ Amazon button on directly and have it shipped to your country, where Amazon allows. Checking from the UK, the shipping price actually looks reasonable (customs not included).

It doesn’t mean you can order from your country’s Amazon site. You can’t order from, for example. To do that would require I actually manufacture and stock them in the EU as well – something that is beyond my scope at present.

Still, being able to ship anywhere Amazon does is worth the long wait. I’m still waiting for Clipper to be listed as well.

Clipper 6×9

6×9?  Isn’t Clipper a 6×18?

2014-12-07-12.20.33Yes. And yes. The new 6×9 mask – 3D printed, of course – pops inside Clipper and gives you the option of shooting 4 6×18 exposures or 8 6×9 exposures, when changing film.  I must give credit for this idea to a current Clipper owner.

Moreover, since Clipper has a curved backplane, the 6×9 shots also have no light falloff end to end.  This means Clipper 6×9 shots will be subtly and uniquely different from a flat backplane 6×9.  I’m not aware of any production 6×9 pinhole cameras with a curved backplane.

Here’s a sample photo from Bastrop, where the Clipper is sitting on the coupler of a derelict crane railcar, looking toward the end of the track. Compare this to the full 6×18 image from the Great Sand Dunes.

So how should 6×9 photos be credited to the camera? Clipper is how the camera is known, and will always be 6×18. The mask just allows you to take 8 exposures instead of 4, and the field of view is 68 degrees instead of 136.

Rather than winding 2-6-10-14 as with 6×18, wind to 1-3-5-7-9-11-13-15.

Check for 6×9 masks.

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Coupler & Tracks, Bastrop TX (Clipper 6×18 masked to 6×9, Ektar 100)

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado (Clipper 6×18, Ektar 100)




Pinhole Printed 2015

Website Refresh

Screen-Shot-2015-01-09-at-2.57.02-PMPinhole Printed’s website gets a complete refresh for 2015.  Cleaner style, new theme, and updated links.

Product development goes on and there should be more to look forward to, as well as more cameras on the shelf.