Clipper 6×18 STL Files

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Test Print of Flyer 6x6

Test Print of Flyer 6×6

Make your own 6×18 panoramic pinhole camera on your 3D printer! These cameras are easily assembled and are capable of taking amazing photos. Pinhole photography offers a unique perspective and incredible latitude for experimentation for the beginner or the experienced professional.

Clipper is more complex, and if this is your first camera printing project, I recommend you start with a Flyer.

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STL Files

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There are 6 parts to print. Each can be printed individually or in combinations – STL files are included for each.

  • Body
  • Top
  • Shutter Lever
  • Remote Cable Mount
  • Knob
  • Winder

Printing and assembly instructions can be found at

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Printer Requirements

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Clipper is designed for a filament-based 3D printer with an 8×8 inch bed or 200 x 200 mm.  It is possible to print Clipper on a 6×6 inch bed by rotating the files 45 degrees about the Z axis before printing, but all parts must then be rotated for the camera to fit together properly.

To be used as a camera, only black PLA or ABS can be used. ABS is recommended – if you print in PLA, do not leave the camera out in direct sunlight for extended periods since heat can cause it to soften and deform.

Clipper is not designed for SLA/SLS printing – the parts will fit loosely and the resin material may not be light-tight.

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You may make up to 3 cameras from each purchased download.  The files are not open source and are not to be posted anywhere for others to use.

Thank you for honoring my restrictions and supporting my passion for pinhole photography, enabling me to design and build more cameras.

If you have any difficulties with the printing process, please check over the printing instructions again and then contact me directly.