Printing, Resumed.

I’m really pleased to announce that I’m printing cameras again!

I had to put my printers in storage during my year-long move from Texas to Florida. They are being brought back online and producing cameras. Each one, as my customers know, has to be individually printed, one at a time. It takes 6-8 hours to print a Flyer 6×6 and 11-13 hours to print a Clipper 6×18. The cameras were designed specifically for 3D printing and cannot be made through injection molding.

The Flyer 6×6 and Clipper 6×18 are now available again through Amazon and Pinhole Resource. The Clipper 6×18 has been redesigned into a Model II version with a flip shutter instead of the cable release shutter at the same price. The Model I was considerably more time consuming to make, and I didn’t want to raise the price for everyone.

Many thanks to those who have taken the time to write me with their experiences and photographs, and to those who have published such great product reviews on Amazon. Please continue to write me with any questions or problems, and if you love it, a good review is always appreciated.

Since I couldn’t do much during the year with one small printer, I spent the time designing, printing, and testing several new camera concepts – which you’ll be hearing about soon.


*Metal* 35mm Film – 120 Spool Adapter

35mm Film

Why use 35mm film in 120 cameras? 20140430-35mm-040714012-230You can expose the full film frame, including the sprocket holes, for a cool effect. Or you can use films that are not available in 120 format such as infrared, CineStill, and other uncommon or specialty films. Start exploring!

Metal Adapters

Many followers have been downloading the files and making their own 35mm – 120 film adapters. For others, it has been easier to order from Shapeways (recommended). However, I still wanted to explore making them in metal at Shapeways. I found I couldn’t use the same design as the plastic ones. As a result, I ordered new prototypes with tweaked parameters for testing.

The new metal adapters are much stronger, and have a solid heft and feel. So, if you or your friends shoot 35 film regularly in 120 cameras, these adapters make great gifts.


Clipper 6×9 Mask, Again

I got some fans excited with the previous announcement of the Clipper 6×9 mask.  The mask slips inside the Clipper 6×18 and allows you to take eight 6×9 exposures instead of four 6×18 exposures.  That doubles the number of shots per roll when you do not need extreme panoramic shots.

Unfortunately, the previous design had to be printed as a solid curved shape, took a long time to print, required a big box, and at least $6 shipping US.  I only did a few.  So it was time to find a way to print one that could be mailed in an envelope.

After several iterations, I’ve done a flat mask that is quick to print, flexible enough to bend properly inside the Clipper, easy to insert and remove, and yet sturdy enough to last quite a long time if you are careful with it.


Three 6×9 masks off the printer on an envelope

The ends of the mask drop into the corners as shown in the photos below.  The smooth side of the mask faces the film and the rough side faces the pinhole.



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Royal 4×5

I’ve been working on a new pinhole camera design using 4×5 paper for the new Galaxy Hyperspeed direct positive paper. With an ASA of 125, this paper promises to be a new milestone for pinhole photographers! This new camera has a curved backplane, unusual for 4×5 cameras, and promises to yield some exceptional photographs. It’s small enough that you can reload the camera in a changing bag for multi-shoot sessions and each photo is an original! No enlarger or scanner & printer needed, just a light-tight bathroom and three trays in the bathtub to process (developer, stop, fixer). This one has a brass shutter activated by a cable release only, with no manual lever. Of course, it’s also possible to skip the shutter parts and use black tape over the pinhole.

I don’t have any of the Galaxy paper yet, but I’ll publish photos when I do, as well as my plans for making this available. Right now, there are 3 in the world and 2 are going to testers.

For more information on Galaxy Hyperspeed Paper –

Featured on Instructables!

The Easy 35 #pinhole camera was featured on Instructables last week as a staff pick!

It’s also in the Photography Contest but the voting closes 27 Aug – if you see this in time, a vote would be appreciated – over to for that – the voting button is at the upper right next to the medal icon.

If you haven’t seen the Instructables website yet, there’s an amazing lot of how-tos for an amazing array of subjects from an amazing number of people.  Lots of camera projects in there!

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