*Metal* 35mm Film – 120 Spool Adapter

35mm Film

Why use 35mm film in 120 cameras? 20140430-35mm-040714012-230You can expose the full film frame, including the sprocket holes, for a cool effect. Or you can use films that are not available in 120 format such as infrared, CineStill, and other uncommon or specialty films. Start exploring!

Metal Adapters

Many followers have been downloading the files and making their own 35mm – 120 film adapters. For others, it has been easier to order from Shapeways (recommended). However, I still wanted to explore making them in metal at Shapeways. I found I couldn’t use the same design as the plastic ones. As a result, I ordered new prototypes with tweaked parameters for testing.

The new metal adapters are much stronger, and have a solid heft and feel. So, if you or your friends shoot 35 film regularly in 120 cameras, these adapters make great gifts.