Royal 4×5

I’ve been working on a new pinhole camera design using 4×5 paper for the new Galaxy Hyperspeed direct positive paper. With an ASA of 125, this paper promises to be a new milestone for pinhole photographers! This new camera has a curved backplane, unusual for 4×5 cameras, and promises to yield some exceptional photographs. It’s small enough that you can reload the camera in a changing bag for multi-shoot sessions and each photo is an original! No enlarger or scanner & printer needed, just a light-tight bathroom and three trays in the bathtub to process (developer, stop, fixer). This one has a brass shutter activated by a cable release only, with no manual lever. Of course, it’s also possible to skip the shutter parts and use black tape over the pinhole.

I don’t have any of the Galaxy paper yet, but I’ll publish photos when I do, as well as my plans for making this available. Right now, there are 3 in the world and 2 are going to testers.

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