Clipper 6×9 Mask, Again

I got some fans excited with the previous announcement of the Clipper 6×9 mask.  The mask slips inside the Clipper 6×18 and allows you to take eight 6×9 exposures instead of four 6×18 exposures.  That doubles the number of shots per roll when you do not need extreme panoramic shots.

Unfortunately, the previous design had to be printed as a solid curved shape, took a long time to print, required a big box, and at least $6 shipping US.  I only did a few.  So it was time to find a way to print one that could be mailed in an envelope.

After several iterations, I’ve done a flat mask that is quick to print, flexible enough to bend properly inside the Clipper, easy to insert and remove, and yet sturdy enough to last quite a long time if you are careful with it.


Three 6×9 masks off the printer on an envelope

The ends of the mask drop into the corners as shown in the photos below.  The smooth side of the mask faces the film and the rough side faces the pinhole.



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