Easy 35

New design coming!  I’ve done a super simple 35mm film camera for those who want to use that format as well (Flyer can use 35mm film with an adapter also) or who need a more compact camera.

By super simple, I mean there are six printed parts which can be printed in about 3 hours, either individually or all at once, depending on your printer and slicer.  Perfect for children and educational use, or for long exposures in locations where you might lose a camera.

The camera was designed for minimal parts, and needs only a pinhole at the absolute minimum.  It is fully complete with two screws, an o-ring, rubber band, 1/4″ nut, and a pinhole.  A piece of black gaffer’s tape serves as a shutter.

Best of all, the camera will be released as open source, specifically CC by NC-SA.  More details coming soon after I prepare the files for release on several 3D printing sites.