Flyer 6×6, Clipper 6×18 Win Honors!

Flyer & Clipper in display case at New Mexico History Museum

Flyer 6×6 and Clipper 6×18 are now in the New Mexico History Museum! The “Poetics of Light Exhibition is running through January 10, 2016 – if you pass near Santa Fe, you should go see this stunning display of pinhole photography. Their photographic archives can be searched online at


The cameras will remain at the museum permanently. The two photographs on current display with the cameras are Loch Lomond (Flyer 6×6) and the Great Sand Dunes (Clipper 6×18). The quote at the bottom of the display case reads:

[blockquote]As a deaf man, the visual impact of images has always been very important to me. I love the unique perspective of pinhole cameras and the analog quality of film. I visualized how I could bring modern 3D printing technology to old school photography and make a new generation of pinhole cameras. The Kickstarter attracted people worldwide to get back into film, people who are using film but had not tried pinhole, and younger people who had never tried film. My favorite question from the Kickstarter was “where do I get pinhole film?”[/blockquote]
Loch Lomond (Flyer 6x6, Ektar 100)

Loch Lomond, Scotland (Flyer 6×6, Ektar 100)

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado (Clipper 6x18, Ektar 100)

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado (Clipper 6×18, Ektar 100)