Funded in 13.5 hours!

Funded in 13.5 hours – that is awesome for a photography project! So now, I am adding a stretch goal. Stretch goals benefit both the backer and the creator – they are an additional reward for your help in spreading the news about my project. If we hit these goals, they are included free with the relevant reward levels. So please, continue to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, and any other means you have.

Here is the first goal, and I will consider others as long as they don’t impact delivery schedules.

  • $2600 – ND 09/12 neutral density filters (for all kits and camera rewards) –

I am still testing these so I don’t know which I’ll use or how many, but I will include enough for a bright sunny day. These are great for all day sun track exposures or using fast film on bright days. I’ll post a picture later – I was taking one yesterday but the neighbor’s dog found the camera and I think the sun track may be ruined.