Kickstarter Update: Stretch goals 1 & 2 Met

Stretch goals 1 & 2 met – everyone with a kit or a camera gets ND filters and laminated exposure cards! I wanted you to have the ND filters so you could try a sun track exposure – they are really cool to do. I intended to publish one from Flyer but between work, weather, and a dog, I haven’t been successful yet. So here’s a scan of a print of an old photo I did in the past.

As for how we are doing, we are more than halfway through the planned camera supply! As I said in the Risks and Challenges, I can only print so many cameras with one printer and I have planned for downtime. The only way to print more without impacting delivery schedules is to order another printer. So that is what I am doing – and consequently, I am boosting the number of January and February rewards.

Thank you for the amazing backing to date!